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Twinhomes Orem Utah

Buying an Orem twinhomes is a popular lifestyle for thousands of Orem residents. Townhomes vary from larger complexes with pools and playgrounds to small three or four unit complexes built in established neighborhoods. This site will help you narrow your search as you are searching for the perfect townhouse for you. It is brought to you courtesy of Denise Martin, Orem’s Nicest Realtor.

Hi! I’m Denise Martin & Jessica Rowley. I live in Orem and my office is in Provo, UT. I specialize in condos and homes in the Provo and Orem areas.

I am the mother of four daughters and one son and am now the proud Grandmother of 3 grandchildren; one of my daughters just entered College at BYU Idaho and my youngest is entering her high school years in Orem.

I love Utah real estate and it would be my pleasure to help you buy or sell a Twinhome in Orem a Twin Home in Provo . You can call or text me at (801) 602-9552 Denise Martin and (801) 960-8011 Jessica Rowley or email us at Team@Home Realty.com

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The Difference Between a Condo, Town house, and a Twin Home

Condominium: Owning a condo means you hold title to the space inside the four walls of a unit located within a condominium complex, but not the land or the building itself. This means that other condo units can be located above and below yours, as well as beside you.

Townhouse: Ownership of a town home consists of not only the unit itself, but the land it sits on. Therefore, no other units can be located above or below yours. As a result, most town homes are two stories and many include a basement and/or garage.

Twinhome: Owning a twin-home means you own your own lot, building, and roof even though you share a common wall. Unless restricted by a Home Owner’s Association, each owner can landscape as they desire, fence or decorate as they desire, and obtain mortgages on their property.

Property Taxes: Townhome owners pay individually for property taxes on their home and the land it sits on while condo owners pay taxes only for their unit and then their share for property under the entire complex.

Homeowners Association: Both condos and townhomes are part of a homeowner’s association, which collects fees for the expenses of all common areas. This usually includes exterior maintenance, insurance, water, sewer, trash, and reserves for future major repairs.

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